Episode 7: Shoot? Or Don’t Shoot?

A move is afoot to allow warning shots by police; a Baltimore officer doesn’t shoot and it works out; a Seattle officer does the same thing and…well…

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An article in USA Today discusses the nascent movement to consider allowing warning shots. Nick and Peter (sort of) disagree.

In Baltimore, Officer Angel Villaronga shows the world how it can be done by talking a man armed with a knife into handing over the bladed weapon and surrendering peacefully. Peter is happy some good news is coming from his former department, for a change. Peter and Nick talk about this incident, and its potential implications.

And as if to make the point for them, a Seattle officer tried kinda the same thing. She didn’t pull the trigger, thinking “he isn’t going to kill me over a stolen six-pack,” only to hear a pop and feel a punch in the vest. Over a six-pack of beer.