Extra: Body Worn Cameras

This is a four-part Extra from Nick Selby, taking a closer look at how Body Worn Cameras have changed policing. We’re dropping all four episodes simultaneously, so you can binge-listen. We’ve also made the whole thing available as a single podcast, for those who don’t want to futz around with individual episodes.

That full version is here.

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Episode 1: 6:10
“The Solution to Getting Us Home Safe”

How politicians, activists, and concern about abusive cops brought body cameras to the mainstream in policing.

Peter and Nick are trying out a new format: shorter episodes more frequently. Let us know what you think – Call and leave a message at (516) 362-3972. We choose the best comments and questions to play and discuss on our show – but we will never reveal personal details left by cops, prosecutors or defense attorneys to any third party, and we won’t reveal your identity on the air.

Episode 2: 5:48
“Wait. I Thought These Were Here To Catch Cops.”

After a few years, it’s become clear that the body camera video that gets used gets used to prosecute civilians. Not cops. How’d THAT happen?

Episode 3: 7:21
“A Civil Disagreement”

Civil liberties groups believe police have the advantage with body worn cameras, because officers control both the record button, and the play-back button.

Episode 4: 10:40
“Solve for X.”

Every few years, politicians get a bee in their bonnets about … something, and we all end up with new technology. From pepper spray to backscatter X-Rays, to body cameras, here’s why it never solves the problem.