Extra: Detective Suiter

Peter Moskos discusses the November 15, 2017, killing of Baltimore City Police Detective Sean Suiter with Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton.

Photo of memorial at 509 N Schroeder by Maggie Ybarra

The dispatched audio of the immediate aftermath of the shooting. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/crime/bs-md-ci-suiter-dispatch-audio-20171122-story.html

WBAL’s timeline is wrong regarding time of shooting of Det. Suiter. It did not take 30 minutes to get him to hospital. Suiter reported shot at 4:38pm (not 4:19pm), driven from scene 5-6 minute later. Car crash dispatched at 4:45pm. Arrived at hospital a few later later.

Last but least, the audio when Suiter was buried.

From the funeral as tweeted by Fenton “As homicide detectives, we go through the valley, we stay in the valley, and we bring those out of the valley who are sometimes lost. Sean was the epitome of that.”

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