Episode 25: Peter Moskos and Introducing Leon Taylor

Leon Taylor

Peter Moskos and Leon Taylor talk about “friendly fire,” prosecuting people who assault cops in Chicago, LA traffic stops, arming school security, cops afraid to initiate arrests, and yes, Jussie Smallette. https://www.spreaker.com/user/10235722/qpp025

0:10 Introducing Leon Taylor
2:00 RIP Brian Simonsen
3:53 “friendly fire” and being a black officer
5:15 Prosecuting assaults on cops
9:05 43% of Baltimore cops aren’t comfortable making self-initiated arrests
11:27: 67% say city leadership doens’t support law enforcement
12:30 Lowering hiring standards
13:38 Arming school security
18:40 LAPD and racial disparity and car stops by an anti-crime unit
22:15 Mayor of LA orders fewer vehicle stops after newspaper report shows cops in minority neighborhoods stop more minorities. 
22:30 Why Progressives don’t get it
23:15 Aggressive vs proactive policing.
24:20 Jussie Smallott and the staged racist assault